• Prospective and current members needed to find information quickly about the organization and its events on any device.
  • The original website was not mobile friendly.
  • The original membership registration process was cumbersome and only available by paper
  • The original newsletter signup was cumbersome and only available by paper.


  • Customized mobile friendly, responsive WordPress template with CSS and JavaScript.
  • Streamlined navigation and edited webpage content.
  • Added relevant information about membership benefits and chapter history.
  • Created a responsive Google Form for membership registration.
  • Provided marketing updates including links to NSBE national and zone websites, Google calendar, Mailchimp newsletter integration and social media integration.


The original website was due for an update.

  • A tricky navigation.
  • The website could not be viewed on mobile.
  • Membership registration could not be completed online.
  • Outdated content about the leadership team, services, and events.
  • No call to action for staying in contact with the NSBE community.
The 1st step in redesigning the website was understanding the people who would use it and their goals. The personas were created based on interviews with members of the NSBE Community.
Understanding the current workflow for membership registration was key in developing a new solution. I worked with the NSBE community to create a new, streamlined workflows for completing membership registration online.
The UI design work began with preliminary sketches and some low-fidelity prototyping. WordPress templates that would achieve the desired design were sourced and customized.
The finished website is modern and sleek. The updates increased membership form completion by over 200%. The site addressed the key issues by providing the following:

  • A clearly defined navigation.
  • A responsive website, viewable on any device.
  • Membership registration can be completed 100% online.
  • Updated content for each page.
  • Call to action for staying in contact with the NSBE community via a newsletter and social media.